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What are LiVEwirz?


LiVEwirz are connected lanyards for every concert and music festival.

Slide your phone into one of our free lanyards and instantly connect to your concert’s social experience and stay charged. Get connected to other fans, and enjoy backstage videos, breaking news, and exclusive content.


Get more from every show with the ultimate live fan connection!

For Fans

Download the LiVEwirz app and jump on the ultimate live platform.


Get your concert scream ready, take a stand, and get more from every concert as part of the LiVEwirz community. Your favorite artists have gotten you through good times and bad, and now it’s time to make a pledge and give back to the bands that have been with you all your life. Join the Livewirz community today and Rock On!


  • Get and keep exclusive content from every live show

  • Connect to other fans in the moment

  • Stay charged as you post your best shots and vids

  • Stay connected for the best live experiences on mobile

  • Collect and trade LiVEwirz tour cards

  • Discover new artists and re-discover artists like never before

  • Connect to your favorite artists before, during, and after the show

  • See behind the scenes shots and the best tailgating parties

  • Get all the content you’ve missed but never knew about until now


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-1- Grab one at any concert or festival and slide your phone in.

-2- Use the included QR code to connect to the LiVEwirz platform.

-3- Connect to powerpack, enjoy!

*For complete lanyard instructions, click here


For Brands

What is your brand's mobile future?







The LiVEwirz platform can connect your brand to highly targeted audiences at concerts and festivals across the globe. Augment your existing campaigns and reach fans where they live, mobile!


Contact our team today and connect your brand to our highly targeted audiences at every event!


  • Increase brand awareness with highly targeted and engaged mobile audiences at every concert

  • Extend your brand messaging along tour sites to reach your target fan base 

  • Engage with customers before, during, and after the show

  • Increase brand recall with captive audiences

  • Gain presence of mind when fans are getting ready for the show and on their way home

  • Amplify your message with a digital swarm of screens as LiVEwirz are deployed in high-traffic areas

  • Ensure that your brand messaging is seen frequently leading to more impressions

  • Take advantage of our scalable sponsorship opportunities 

  • Access across different sports and entertainment verticals (NFL, MLB, NHL, NSL, etc) 

  • Take your messaging to the stands and create a bigger digital footprint

  • Connect easily with audiences out-of-home and on the move

  • Build your campaign with easy-to-use tools

  • Schedule and deploy content to thousands of mobile screens from your cloud dashboard


Request your free account today and connect your brand to highly targeted audiences!

*Ask about product placement for on-location live broadcast content.









For Artists

Own the day of every show with LiVEwirz

What is your mobile future as an artist?

With LiVEwirz, your fans are always connected, so engage them where they live most, on their mobile devices. Now you can easily reach your fans in-the-moment at every live show. LiVEwirz screens can also follow on-stage lighting and graphic elements to match your show’s visual design. Our branded NFC tour cards connect you to your fans on the move before, during, and after the show. Your fans want more, and LiVEwirz will help.


  • Engage with your super fans on the newest live platform 

  • Take control of your event experience, and post your best shots

  • Document your day on tour, giving an unfiltered view what it might be like to hang out with the band

  • Increase revenue by monetizing your following (filters, stickers, limited edition tour lanyards)

  • Promote and monetize each event

  • Release new videos with behind the scenes shots

  • Release old videos from your vault with never-seen-before footage

  • Announce a tour or new song dropping

  • Increase touch points with your audience, before, during, and after the show

  • Benefit and get exposed to new fans as our network grows

  • Drive fan engagement during concerts

  • Increase fan retention and boost relationships

  • Attract the next generation of mobile fans

  • Offset stadium rental costs (teams only)


Request an artist account today, and get going on the ultimate live platform!

For Venues

What is your venue's mobile future?

With no up-front costs, take to the stands to create a bigger digital signage footprint with LiVEwirz. Our community of connected lanyards serves as a swarm of digital signage for your venue. LiVEwirz offers a powerful digital signage network on mobile screens with impressive visibility. Our connected lanyards are in the stands and in high-traffic areas, ensuring sponsor’s content is seen with greater frequency.

  • Turn visitors into additional revenue and boost ROI

  • Stay relevant to a mobile-first audience

  • Compliments existing digital signage, easily deployed like 3D glasses at the movies

  • Reach a wider audience than just your in-house app

  • Increase touch points with your most valuable audiences and grow new ones

  • Reach the next generation of super fans and enhance the fan experience

  • Offer brand partners additional screen inventory with mobile ads

  • Discover opportunities to onboard new sponsors that offer increased exposure 

  • Attract premium sponsorship by leveraging your existing highly targeted audiences

  • Benefit from cross-pollination, and get exposed to new fans as our network grows

  • Reach consumers before, during, and after each event




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