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Event Details: U2 Live / Madison Square Garden / Oct 11th 2022


ALL CREW MEMBERS (Hosts, Ambassadors, and Interns): You must logon and post to support the artist before, during, and after each show you are assigned to. We want everyone to know that LiVEwirz supports it’s artists!!! …and if fans are wearing a LiVEwirz lanyard, post with them!!!



  • Contact Artist Manager and Venue Contact the day before event. (Confirm shooting times with Manager. Confirm lanyard pickup time with Venue Contact for the following day.)


  • WiRElead, Host and Camera Op arrive early to meet and greet Artist Manager and Venue Contact, get credentials, scout locations, order crew food, etc.


  • Has all Crew Checked-In at Staging Area or Media Tent?


  • Team Meeting - Introductions & Assignments (Pizza, water, coffee, cupcakes)

Host & Camera Op: Walkie Talkies, Mic Flag, etc.

Ambassadors: T-shirts Assign to all areas and routes to walk every 15 minutes

Interns / Volunteers: Locate & count In lanyards, and give comps to Ambassadors for distribution.

Inventory Counts:

  • Count In: ______

  • Comps (non-branded): ______

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