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How exactly can I work with your team? Do you get a retainer or is it a one-time thing?

The long and the short: either. With some clients we are hired on retainer to help conceptualize, build out, and/or implement a marketing idea, program, or strategy. These engagements can last anywhere from three months to a year depending on the project and client. Other times we are hired on a per-project basis, coming on board to help with a specific launch, event, or program.


Will you be on-site at my event helping me out?

Sadly, no, but we have great friends who own companies that can help make sure your big day is perfect. We work in tandem with companies who excel in what they do, making sure that all the players in the event are A-list quality.


What is your typical project timeline?

There’s no such thing as a “typical” project, because every project is unique... and so are our clients! But, for planning purposes, 8-12 weeks is usually a good starting point for physical items. If you are interested in bringing us on in a retainer capacity, we can usually get started within a week or two, depending on internal capacity. We provide estimated timelines at the onset of every project to help keep things running smoothly throughout.


If you’re making something physical, what are your typical product quantities?

Again, “typical” isn’t a word we like to throw around, but the majority of our projects involve creating between 5,000 and 100,000 copies of something special. However, we’ve created as few as 100 and as many as 500,000 products in the past, so no quantity is too large or too small! The minimum order size is typically $10,000 for custom products.


How much does it cost to work with you?

Costs vary greatly depending on scope, quantities, and other project details. For first-time clients, we have a minimum project commitment level of $10,000 or a three-month retainer. Beyond that, we’ve found it works best to reverse-engineer what a project can look like based on your unique needs and working budget.


If you create physical products, are they typically sold or used for promotional giveaways?

Both! In the past seven years, we’ve created almost 200 custom products for our partners. They’ve been used as promotional giveaways, sold at retail, and used for various other fan-club and live-event marketing activations ranging from fashion shows to movie premieres. Pricing and distribution is always the final decision of our client partners.

Can your team handle fulfillment?

Yes. Although we don’t handle on-demand order fulfillment, we frequently mail and ship items to a supplied customer list. We can also deliver in bulk for on-site distribution at special events, retail orders, or other mass-quantity distribution needs.


Does your team handle creative?

Most of the time our team creates the editorial and artwork for physical products we produce. However, we also work with tons of talented agencies, brands and entertainers with their own in-house experts. In those instances, we're happy to run with print-ready art and assist with production and delivery as needed.


Does your team handle retail distribution directly?

No. When we create physical products, we deliver them to our customers for distribution as they see fit. While we're happy to deliver to a retail DC on behalf of a client, we are not a distribution company and do not sell directly to retailers on our clients' behalf.


Is your name on everything you make?

Nope! Although we’ve released ZinePak-branded products at retail for almost 100 recording artists–including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, KISS, Luke Bryan, and many more–the majority of the things we make don’t have our name at all. That’s because we like to see our clients shine...especially when it’s a consumer-facing event. Think of us as your secret weapon! 

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