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Are you really getting the best price on your concert or festival tickets

Festivals and concerts are a major source of entertainment in our lives. Who doesn’t love to spend a night raving to their favourite songs or rocking out with their favourite friends? But one of the major questions remains, are you really getting the best price on your concert or festival tickets? Let's find out!

Waiting until the last minute? Some promoters hold back a significant number of seats before events which they tend to sell at much higher rates right before the event starts. However, most times this strategy backfires and they overestimate their numbers and end up losing sales, hence decreasing the price at the 11th hour. Waiting until the last minute is one tactic that you can follow, but it is a rather risky one.

Secondary ticket resellers? This is probably the most obvious choice and can indeed lend itself to some pretty cool deals, but beware of any red flags like extra charges or shady sites in general. One of our faves is They have a great site and can find you great deals. Another one we really like is, they also have a ton of choices to offer.

Obviously, most people simply choose to go for or get their tickets from actual venue. No real risk here, but it may not yield the lowest prices. It really comes down to a matter of taking a risk vs. reward kinda thing.

Whichever you decide, you should cross check from various sources and try to get the best price if they vary. Check around and don’t take a chance that you get scammed or taken for a ride on your ticket price. All in all, be smart and you'll be just fine!

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