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The 11 Must-Haves for Any Festival Goer

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Are you ready to rock? If you are then surely, you’ve got these items on your festival checklist to remain safe and comfy while you turn up.

There’s nothing more euphoric than the experience of entertainment and festivities you’ve been waiting for. It’s almost here! Check off everything and leave nothing behind!

1. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated, water is life! A sturdy reusable bottle that holds enough water to keep you hydrated is essential as you have the time of your life. There are many available in stores and online that will keep your water cool for hours.

2. Face Mask

Whether you’re vaccinated or not, wear a breathable face mask that’s lightweight. It’ll also guard you against dust storms at festivals. Wear a mask with cool designs to match your outfit.

3. Portable Charger

Memories are valuable and your phone is responsible for capturing every moment. At some point your battery will run out and what’s more useful than a portable charger. Get one or two you can put in your pocket or bag so your phone can refuel. Don’t leave this!

4. Fanny Pack or Hydration Pack

Wear a fanny pack or hydration pack. Both bags are small and will hold all your essentials at a festival. Different designs are available to match your style so you look good and your things are secured from pickpockets and getting lost.

5. Camping Chair

You’ll need to rest your feet after a while so bring a foldable camping chair. It’ll be way comfier than sitting on the grass and muddy rocky ground.

6. Comfortable Shoes

Wear shoes that are comfortable and won’t easily slip off your feet. It’s going to be crowded and people will step on your feet. Wearing closed toe shoes limits the impact so no flip-flops and crocs!

7. Sunscreen

Going multiple days in the sun without sunscreen? You will get scorched. Don’t take that chance! Rub sunscreen on all the areas of your body exposed to the sun. Rub your face, arms, legs, and neck. Never leave those out not even an inch.

8. Ear Plugs

If you’re a rail rider at festivals and you like to be in the front at all times, get some earplugs. They will save your eardrums for the next couple of years. You’ll need them.

9. Sanitizing Wipes

Wipe away the germs. Sanitizing wipes come in very handy when you do a body check to wipe excess sweat. Accidents do happen and in a swift motion you can pop these out with no problem.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are your friends! It’s a neat little accessory you can wear to help style your festival outfit while it shades your eyes from the sun.

11. Portable Fan

The heat from the sun at festivals is unmatched, but with a portable fan, cool sunglasses, and sunscreen you can level up. Portable fans will cool you down and the different designs look totally awesome in photos.

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