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Never check out a show with your best gig buddies... (unless...)

What are gig buddies? These glorious human beings are those you can count on to go to a show with. You may have multiple gig buddies based on genre, location, or more. But no matter how much you want to hang at a show with them, don't go... unless...

1. They like the music you like

There are two sides to this and we’ll get to the other later, but your gig buddies should probably like the same music you like. Which means you’ve now got at least four eyes on when a show is coming to town. Have you ever been in the situation where a band you love came to town last week and you missed it? You don’t know how it happened, or why, but it did and now you’re sad. Having a gig buddy who’s into the same tunes as you will give you twice the eyes to look out for live shows. Win-win.

2. They DON’T like the music you like

We know, you read this and think, “If I don’t like the same music as someone, why would I want to go to shows with them?” Simple. If your gig buddies like bands you don’t like or bands you don’t even know about, you’ll be introduced to other music, scenes, and experiences that just may change your entire world. You never know what you’ll fall in love with at a show. You also might learn what you don’t like and knowing is half the battle.

3. They like to rage

There are two things at the top of many concert goers’ lists, alcohol and music. And one positive on the gig buddy chart? They wanna rage with you. They want to celebrate music, life, love, whatever. And you’re their go-to rager.

4. They’re down to travel

Depending on where you live, this might be an important factor in the gig buddy experience. Some of us are lucky enough to be a subway ride away from hundreds of venues, but if it’s a hike, having someone in the car with you on the way to a show, who’s ready to listen to the band the entire way and get the party started early, is never frowned upon.

5. They enjoy exploring

This one is partly the travel to the gig and partly about what to do once you get there. If you’ve got time before the show, there’s nothing like scouring the area for little shops and what not, maybe even a hole-in-the-wall vinyl shop you didn’t know about. If your gig buddy is into it, you double the fun of the show just by exploring the area with them.

6. They want to make new friends

Your gig buddy can help you find more gig buddies. If you’re at a show, it’s your oyster. Find a pearl, become friends with the pearl, and you’ve doubled the amount of gig buddies you have overnight. There’s nothing like leaving after a night of good music and drinks with a phone full of new numbers.

7. They split the travel expenses

This is another one that’s dependent on where you’re seeing shows, but who doesn’t like help in paying for the night? If you’re traveling a good ways to a show, it’s gonna cost you some gas and your gig buddy is there to save the day, throwing a few bills your way, or trading for drinks, or maybe the pre-show food. Which leads me to…

8. They’re into finding pre-show grub

There is almost nothing better than walking around outside a venue and finding yourself on an accidental trip to flavor town. It should be stated that flavor town is not a place, but a state of mind. You know that feeling, when you order up a cheeseburger from a lil’ place around the corner and your eyes are opened to a flavor you didn’t know existed. Or when your gig buddy says, “Oh, I know a place close to the venue that you need to check out.” It’s a magical experience.

9. They know that free tickets are the best tickets

Seriously. Have you received the text from your gig buddy that says, “I got two tickets to the show, wanna come?” Yup. I do want to come. But if you’re going to accept, be the gig buddy the world deserves and make sure to follow the guidelines from above; grab’em a drink, or a burger, or help with gas, so the next time they grab those tickets, you’re the person who immediately comes to mind.

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