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Aug 03, 2022
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Growing up music had a big impact on my daily life. It helped shape my views on the world, helped express what I was internalizing and helped cope with life. “My” music stood for something, and it changed as I got older. My first taste of music was Grunge, Metal (alternative, hair, and NU), Rock, Punk Rock and Emo. “We” stood for rebellion! Rebellion against a world that tried to force us into their neat little box and we promptly told them to fuck themselves with a slew of guitar and drum solos and some well written lyrics. “We” stood for what was right and we were going to fight you to the death over it. It’s true, just look back at gyms back in the late 90’s/early 2000s – we were all listening to Korn and training for something. We did know what, but we knew we were going to need caffeine fueled muscles. Then I met a girl and things got a little…soft. She was a stoner and that introduced me to shit like Dave Mathews Band, Dispatch, O.A.R, Jack Johnson. A lot of Indi/soft/folk rock and you know, it wasn’t that bad at the time. “We” stood for piece back then. Not a care in the world just my girl, my jeep and the slow, lazy wisp of smoke from a lit joint. Now I’m a parent and all I listen to is Baby Shark and Truck Tunes all day so there is that…. Tell me, what does “your” music stand for?!


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