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If your good in front of a camera, host a concert!


We're always looking to grow our network of Concert Hosts (we call them WiREleadz). We have openings in every major metropolitan area and city. If you’re great in front of the camera, apply today! Grow your fan base and content, get free concert tickets, and get paid to interview artists and fans in their best moments:


  • Send us a short (60sec.) demo video of you and what your are all about (creativity counts as much as artist/band knowledge - think of what you'd want to see from a VJ), and include the genre you'd like to host most (i.e. Pop, Rock, Techno, Rap, Country, etc.)

  • Send us your YouTube, Twitter, or IG with at least 5k subs.

  • Include a bio or resume with any experience.

  • Must be 18 (21 preferred).

  • Any gender, race, or geographic location in the US welcome.


  • Your main point of contact is your Field Team Leader, do not hesitate to contact them directly with any questions.

  • You are an independent contractor, be responsible for you own safety, transportation, and personal belongings.

  • You will get into the venue at no charge, but food and parking are on your own.

  • You must have a LiVEwirz account and be logged in during working hours.

  • You must wear LiVEwirz lanyard at all times during events. 

  • You must spread good vibes and a positive attitude.

  • You must plan to stay until released by your Field Team Leader - usually 30-45 minutes after show ends.

  • Respect all staff and venue policies.

  • No drinking while on the job.

  • No drugs of any kind while on the job.

  • No soliciting other products or services.

Send all videos, links, and bios to:

Additional Openings: Join our team today!

We are always looking for the best and brightest to help us deliver our exclusive features and content.

If you love live music and are interested in any of the positions below, please reach out today!

Current Openings:

  1. LiVEwirz Concert Hosts (we call them WiRELeadz).

  2. LiVEwirz Ambassadors

  3. Production Managers

  4. Camera Operators

  5. Frontend UX/UI Developers

  6. App Beta Testers

  7. Community Directors

  8. Sales Directors

  9. Account Coordinators

  10. Interns and Volunteers (Free Concert Tickets!)

...and yes, it's great to work with us!

Contact our team today to connect with any questions!

Thanks for being awesome!

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