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And our  branded tour cards and charging lanyards are provided exclusively to your event. Give your fans more and keep them engaged with LiVEwirz!


  • See what fans are posting about your show and engage with your super fans on the newest live platform. 

  • Take control of your event experience and post your best shots.

  • Document your day on tour, giving an unfiltered view what it might be like to hang out with the band.

  • Increase revenue by monetizing your following (filters, stickers, limited edition tour lanyards).

  • Release new videos with behind the scenes shots.

  • Release old videos from your vault with never-seen-before footage.

  • Announce a tour or new song dropping.

  • Increase excitement with your audience, before, during, and after the show.

  • Benefit from and get exposed to new fans as our network grows.

  • Increase fan retention and boost participation.

  • Attract the next generation of mobile live fans.

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