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Own the day of every show!

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Monetize the sea of phones with your own
exclusive concert channel on LiVEwirz.

Get on LiVEwirz and keep your fans engaged on the only live platform that matters!

 Attract more fans to every concert and monetize the sea of phones at your shows!

Check out what we do for you at NO COST (…yes, really! We just LOVE what we do!)

1) We give you a DEDICATED VIDEO TEAM at your shows to help grow your fan base (before, during, and after):

  • Your video messages are sent directly to your audience

  • Teaser clips before each show

  • Load in and sound check clips

  • Behind the scenes clips

  • Afterparty clips

  • Video diary while on tour

  • …and more!


2) We MONETIZE THE SEA OF PHONES at your shows with in-app purchases and sponsorships (make the most of your existing band art):

  • Filters

  • Stickers

  • Logos

  • Emojis

  • Album art

  • Tour graphics

  • Video Art

  • NFTs


3) We give you a DEDICATED SOCIAL CHANNEL just for you and your show:

  • Engage the crowd that will be at your shows!

  • More engagement than Facebook or Instagram!

  • Access to additional fans as our communities grow and grow!

  • Extend the concert experience for your fans!

  • Help get fans plugged into your show BEFORE AND AFTER!

  • BONUS!!: In-event ambassadors to help promote your band.


…ALL FOR FREE (…wait, what?!? …yes really)!





We are fans, festival-goers, and concert lovers!

We have one goal - to help you connect with your fans. Period!



LiVEwirz is by fans for fans - no ads ever!

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The Stage

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